At Empower Financial Wellness (EFW), our primary mission is to educate, encourage and empower you to reach your financial goals!

Managing your finances can sometimes appear complicated and overwhelming. Do you ask or tell yourself: “ Where do I start?” “How do I start?” “I don’t know anything about buying a house, saving for retirement, investing in stock” (or whatever other financial concept you want to insert here).

We are here to help you and want you to know that you can do it! As your financial empowerment partner, we will work with you to handle any fears you may have as it relates to your money, free up funds in your budget, and give you the tools to manage your money independently. Our objective is to help you reach your goals and achieve your financial dreams.

You’ve got  this!

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Are you looking to become an active investor in the stock market? Do you want to grow your money by investing consistently in the stock market?

Schedule your complimentary investing strategy session to find out how!

Investing Strategy Session

During this 30-minute session, we will look at a roadmap for diving into the stock market. Together, we'll figure out an approach that suits your money goals, risk comfort, and timeline. We'll chat about how an active long-term buy and hold strategy can help you build wealth.


Stock Market 101 Investing Group

6-Week Group Coaching Program

A 6-week group coaching program where you will learn:

  • How to make your own investment picks and open a brokerage account
  • Fast track your money growth (5x)
  • Feel confident and secure about your investment decisions

Empowered Women’s Investing Circle

Monthly Membership

A monthly membership which will be your passport to a community where powerhouse women like you conquer the stock market with knowledge and support.


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Stock Investing

If all you need is a little education about stock investing and a push in the right direction and feel that your finances are on point, we can help give you the tools to understand the basics on how to invest in stocks, what to look for, and how to get started. This is a 60-minute session.

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If you want us to give you a few tools to manage your finances and reach your goals, suggestions on how to revamp your budget, we can assist! This is a 60-minute session.

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Retirement Planning

What is your retirement planning trajectory? Are you on track? Would you like to review your current strategies? Have a review of your current plans? We can work together on this. This is a 60-minute session.



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Myrna Lainé-Hyppolite

Owner and Chief Financial Empowerment Partner

I always enjoyed saving and building up my allowance dollars. My mindset had been focused on the long-term and the future. In that vein, I was always looking for ways to keep my money. I originally wanted to be a doctor but when I was told by my parents that I had to pursue business to obtain a college degree, my views on life changed.

I went to school and graduated with a double major, with one major in a business-oriented field. Upon graduation, I started off in mutual fund accounting but quickly wanted to learn more about the why behind the stock selection process. I then went to business school at Dartmouth College to earn my MBA. There, I focused on finance and obtained a job on the sell-side of equity research as an Associate equity research analyst making stock buy and sell recommendations for a small regional investment bank. After my stint in equity research, I advised technology companies looking for venture capital funding, worked for a private equity company and then worked in corporate finance. Along the way, I earned the licenses to practice as a financial advisor (Series 7 and 63) and I worked part-time as part of a large financial services organization. I realized that earning money by selling products (insurance, mutual funds, annuities) was not necessarily my cup of tea and that I wanted to teach others how to figure out the money game and provide financial counsel, independent of a product affiliation.

I have always been the one many friends and family rely on for financial guidance and I realized it was time to for me to share my gifts with others to educate, empower and encourage them in the attainment of their financial goals. “Lifting as we climb” was my undergraduate sorority chapter motto (Pi Theta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated) and a motto that I live by and hope to put into action as I empower others in managing their money.

You can reach your financial goals with just a little help and I would be honored to aid you in your journey!

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Dr. Franck Hyppolite

Co-Owner and Chief Operating Empowerment Partner

I have always had a knack for numbers, saving my money when I was a kid to accumulate enough when my peers were spending their allowances and living for short-term joys. I also had an entrepreneurial bent, trying to sell various small ticket items like gum, chalk, or other items of interest to the kids at school. I always valued security over immediate gratification and this drive enabled me to put myself through college. I earned a degree in Accounting then moved to putting myself through graduate school earning both a master’s and a doctorate degree in public administration. Reaching my money-saving goals has always been a critical motivator in my life: saving for a new house, accumulating enough to move to another house, to paying for my doctorate, my kid’s college fund, and various investments.

I have also been successful in helping others as I learned different ways to reach my goals. I learned about mutual funds and built my own strategy to maximize returns and equity from investments.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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